StrataPulse IPL System

StrataPulse IPL System

StrataPulse IPL System:

Hair . Acne . Pigmentation . Vascular . Scars

The Stratapulse™ is a pulsed light system for the most frequently encountered non-invasive aesthetic procedures in the clinical setting. With dynamic pulse settings, multiple filters, integrated thermal cooling, a power output of 50 J/cm2, and more than 12 FDA cleared treatment indications, the Stratapulse™ can serve as the foundation for any light-based aesthetics practice.

Stratapulse™ specifications:

System interface: LCD Push Button.

Single handpiece.

Contact cooling.

Delivery: Direct Sapphire Coupling.

Spot Size: 12mm x 35 mm.

800 watt power supply.

Wavelength spectrum: 420 – 1200 nm.

Power: 50 J/cm2 Max Fluence.

Dynamic Pulse Settings:

• Pulse Number (1-15)

• Pulse Duration (1-15ms)

• Pulse Delay (5-50ms)

System Includes:

Stratapulse™ IPL System

Operator Manual

Treatment Guide

Point-of-Sale Poster

Operator Goggles

Patient Goggles

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